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Retro Review: Xenosaga Episode 1: Der Wille zur Macht

“Der Wille zur Macht” is a German phrase that literally means “the will to power” and is a reference to something that Nietzsche wrote about. What that was I have absolutely no idea. But it does make for an impressive subtitle to a game that does everything it can to win the hearts of those […]

Retro Review: Koudelka

Thought it might be fun to start this article out with this atmospheric intro… A young lady, clothed in a black robe, rides along a misty country side on her steed, slowly approaching an odd looking monastery located on the Welsh coast. She finally arrives, throws off her cloak and begins to scale the tall […]

Retro Review: Lunar Silver Star Story Complete

If you pay any attention to recent game releases, you will notice that the newest thing is the “Box Set.” You know what I’m talking about. The special treasure chest size box. The audio CD. The special toy dragon (I’m calling you out Skyrim). And of course: the cloth map. What does a gamer do […]

Welcome to the retrodragon

I will forever remember the first role playing game I ever played. It was on the original Sony Playstation, and I borrowed a copy from a friend at school, who also gave me a massive bradygames strategy guide to go alongside it. The four disc title was called Final Fantasy VII. For a lot of […]