Why FFXIV: A Realm Reborn Is The Most Exciting Game of 2013 (for me anyway)

Dun dun dun DUUUNNN!

Dun dun dun DUUUNNN!

It’s only days away. I’ve already pre-purchased and installed the game, scoured the internet for information about what class I’m going to play, and studied up on the crafting system, gathering, fishing, and battles to the point that I’m just frothing at the mouth to start up my first few minutes. I even set my PS3 background theme to this awesome FFXIV image. Sigh.

I’m at that point where I’m so excited about this game that all the other games I usually love just seem dull. Instead of color they’re all in black and white. I’m inattentive at work (a problem as I have a huge project due this weekend), bored during my off hours, annoying to all my friends and family.

I really need to get a grip.

So while I wait to dive into the world of Eorzea I thought I would write up a few thoughts on exactly why this game has got me so worked up. So here it is:

Five Reasons FFXIV Is The Most Exciting Game of 2013 (for me anyway)

I want to go to there!

I want to go to there!

1. Console JRPG Action Meets The Online Community. Ok, I know that other games have sorta done this. FFXI on the ps2 and 360 for example. But FFXIV is the first of its kind when you consider this kind of gameplay on this kind of system. If you have played Demon Souls or Dark Souls you are somewhat familiar with what I am getting at here. Something amazing happens when you integrate awesome RPG mechanics with the online community. Friends are made, online relationships develop and the gaming experience is simply taken to the next level. But here’s why this is so absolutely cool: This is the first game that has fully integrated RPG mechanics, the online community and the latest technology in online communication and design with a CONSOLE. Pretty much anyway. I know Diablo III is already out there, but we’re talking a full on Final Fantasy World here folks. Very very cool.



2. The Design SCREAMS Final Fantasy. Anyone who is familiar with the long standing final fantasy series will immediately recognize all their favorite faces. From Moogle’s to Chocobo’s to Black Mages casting Meteor, all of my favorite FF ideas are here in full HD force. But it’s not just the characters, it’s the actual world: the way the equipment looks, the way the races are designed, the way quests look and the overhead map work. It’s like a wonderful hybrid of all the Final Fantasy “feelings” I’ve been enjoying for almost 20 years. All integrated into a game I can enjoy with my closest friends who live hundreds of miles away. Magitec Armor anyone?

Hmmmm Gladiator or Black Mage...

Hmmmm Gladiator or Black Mage…

3. Jobs, Jobs and more Jobs. The two most important things that the Final Fantasy series introduced to the JRPG were the ATB system, and the idea of Job Classes. (Not saying they invented job classes people, so don’t hate. I’m just pointing out that historically job classes have played a huge role in almost all the FF games.) Both of these ideas are present in FFXIV, but it’s the Job Classes that get me so pumped. The ability to choose a job and develop a whole “character feel” around that job is always something I love in a FF game. And the job system works wonderfully with the traditional DPS, Tank, Healer found traditionally in MMO’s. (Although word on the street is that soloing is much easier in XIV than it was in XI.) Partying in a FF game just makes sense. In fact, going all the way back to the very original Final Fantasy, it was this sense of job classes and balance in your team that made the game so interesting. (Trust me, it wasn’t the graphics). Granted you only have one character instead of a whole team to deck out, but still, I think that an MMO is the perfect vehicle for what Square Enix has created in the FF games.

I'm going to name my Chocobo "Boko"

I’m going to name my Chocobo “Boko”

4. Season of Life. This might sound weird, but for me, in the season of life I am in, this is the perfect kind of game. I can’t tell you how many nights I spend gaming, feeling bored and wishing I had someone to play with. I’m like a kid who goes out to the soccer field and tries to kick a ball around by himself, silently wishing someone else was there to kick it back. It’s the only reason I play COD, frankly. To play games with other people. And for those of you that have never tried an MMO, you should know that the stereotypes of “lonely nerds hiding in the basement” couldn’t be further from the truth. (Ok fine, I’m sure there are some lonely nerds playing MMO’s in a basement somewhere, I mean it’s a big world out there so it’s bound to happen.) In the short time I played FFXI I discovered two things: that the online community was incredibly kind and generous, and that they are interesting and intelligent human beings that are a pleasure to hang with. Also, you might not have thought about this much, but they probably have the same interests as you. After all, they’re in Eorzea too right?! Ultimately, I’m just saying that this kind of game is perfect for my season of life.

Wandering is always fun

Wandering is always fun

5. I Don’t Want to Play a Game, I Want to Enter A World. I play so many games filled with health points, levels, missions, stories, amnesia, bosses and equipment that some days my head just spins. But when I think of why I want to play FFXIV, I realize it’s not to gain a zillion levels and beat some final dragonboss (although that does sound pretty sweet), I’m rather excited about just grabbing a sword and going to BE somewhere. This might seem trite to you, but honestly, I’m exhausted with gaming. I don’t want to beat another game. I want to go be in a game and hang out and meet people. I want to fish and gather and wander aimlessly around and discover all that the world has to offer. Sounds relaxing right?

I’m pretty stoked for FFXIV as you can probably tell. It’s only the second MMO I have ever gotten into, but I am really looking forward to the experience. I hope that this can be a new chapter in gaming for me, and in only a few short days I will find out for sure.

I can’t wait! Here’s the opening trailer one more time to tide you over:) Game On!



6 comments on “Why FFXIV: A Realm Reborn Is The Most Exciting Game of 2013 (for me anyway)

  1. I hope the FFXIV launch goes well this time, and your post above highlights the reasons a lot of other people want this launch to do well. I feel like the name Final Fantasy just attracts different people than a name like Diablo, or if not different people it just creates a different dynamic. Like I wouldn’t feel like I could namedrop different JRPGs into conversations in a WRPG-style MMO but would feel comfortable doing that in FFXIV, even if the people still don’t know what I’m talking about 🙂

    I would love to hear your thoughts on it once it does start up and may ask about it sometime next year when I have steady income and life balance (and maybe a smaller backlog). The XI community seemed to be around for a long while, so I’m expecting XIV to be there too if the game is good.

    • Well I’m about five hours in as of this afternoon and I’m pretty pleased so far. Fast paced battles, great graphics and a classic ff world. It’s very easy to solo as well which is a huge benefit. I like to play alone usually and party for large dungeons only. In ffxi you could barely leave the town’s alone without dying. They also created really user friendly fast travel which is so much better than ffxi. It actually strikes me more as a single player one character final fantasy game than an mmo which I don’t mind. Looking forward to playing in a team when some of my friends get on next week. Overall aside from a few minor issues during the initial setup and a maintenance se had to perform on the instanced dungeons it’s been very smooth too. Only question left is whether this will be a short term game or long term investment. I get bored easy lol

    • Well I’ve been playing ffxiv for about a week now, and I gotta say it’s everything ffxi wanted to be but executed so much better. All the classic elements are present but the infrastructure is light years better than ffxi. The only problem has been some difficulties logging in because of so many people playing. By the end of the week a data upgrade ifs supposed to happen to solve that problem, and if that goes smoothly I can safely say that it well be the game I play the most this year. Already hooked up with friends and started out own guild thing. So fun! …when I can log in that is lol. Building a gladiator conjurer combo to unlock paladin class. Soloing is completely possible too so you can almost play it as a normal jrpg. Anyway, did you go to PAX yet? Excited to hear about the jrpg news if any:)

  2. really cool blog dude hope you show us more great pics from ffx

  3. FFXIV looks interesting, but I’m enjoying FFXI for free at the moment. lol Game on amigo.

  4. From the reviews I have read this is an excellent game. I’m impressed that they managed to reboot the game so successfully after the terrible original launch.

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